Web Marketing and Copy Writing

What Does it Cost, and How Do You Pay?

It's always the first question to be asked and always the hardest to answer.

Every work project is unique and both the skills and the time needed are going to vary from one to another. 

Basic copy editing may be charged by the hour (for an ongoing project), or by the word.  For a rough estimate you can assume this kind of service would be $50 an hour or around 30-35 cents per word.

The creation of new documents requires more time, effort, and understanding and therefore would be more expensive.

A web audit and strategy may take up to ten hours and could be charged as high as $80 for a business web, or as economically as $60 per hour for a sole proprietorship or personal website.

Project Management for non-web projects is typically charged at $60-$70 per hour.


You can receive your quote or invoice through email and send your payment securely through PayPal.  Alternatively you may send payment by check. 

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