Web Marketing and Copy Writing

"It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic." - Jeff Eisenberg

Make Your Website Work for You

You have a website but you're not happy with it.  It's not engaging the right people; you do not show up in search results; you don't quite know how to keep traffic on your site so that you can turn visitors into customers.  Read on to find out how to put your worries in the past.
Website Strategy
You know why you are good and you know why your product should be the hottest thing on the market right now - so you tell the visitors to your site.  You describe the benefits, the shape, the color, and why it's better than the competition, but can your visitors see quickly and easily exactly what it is you offer?  Do you tell them what problem you are solving?  Is it intuitive to navigate through your site?  Read More
Tracking, Reporting, and Course Corrections
Why would you spend the time and effort to make changes to your site, only to cross your fingers and hope it works?  You need to track, measure, analyze, and modify your content to get it right - and to keep getting it right.  A tool such as Google Analytics can help.  It will provide you with snippets of code that are placed in your site to tell you the behaviors of your visitors.  Read More
Optimizing for Search
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not important for all websites but if you DO want to raise your site's visibility in the search results pages, you'll need to put some effort into your content and structure.  Companies such as Google are constantly changing search algorithms so that no one can 'cheat' the system and that is a good thing - it just feels a little overwhelming ...  Read More
Social Media
Whether you like it or not, the recent astronomical growth of social media has not only blurred the lines between private and public, it has inadvertently opened up whole new avenues of advertising for companies small and large.  For example, it used to be that your sister would buy a pair of shoes and you would love them and compliment her on her find.  Read More