Web Marketing and Copy Writing

"No author dislikes to be edited as much as he dislikes not to be published." - J. Russell Lynes

Paper, Web, and Book Copy Editing

Unfortunately for some of us, writing is a part of our lives, but not a part of our skill-set.  We have to write papers for school, theses for college, user guides and training manuals for work and often, product or service descriptions for a website.  We know what we want to say and we absolutely know the subject, but getting the finished article to sound just right is often the hardest thing in the world.  Check out the editing help I offer and your worries will be put to rest!
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Editing For Businesses
Editing for Students
Book Editing
Editing for Authors

Copy Editing for Businesses 

There is no one editing style that fits all purposes.  I can help your copy shine no matter if it is:
  • Website text originally written by engineers, by those for whom English is not a first language,
    or that needs to be optimized for search engines.
  • White papers - potentially addressing technical subject matter.
  • User Guides.

Students - Let Your School Work Shine

It's tough enough to write your paper or thesis in the first place, without having the additional burden of ensuring that everything is correctly expresses and there are no misspellings or grammar errors that can really distract your reader.  You are being tested on the subject matter, and sometimes the structure, but if it's not easy to read your work, your grade may suffer.
I offer a reduced rate for students, so send me a note and tell me how long your paper is - and also when it's due! - and I'll send you a no obligation quote.

Your Book Should Consume - Not Distract

You’re the boss.  You wrote the book.  That’s precisely why you are not the best person to edit it.  You know it so well you don’t read – you skim.  You see what you know was in your head, but you don’t actually see what you wrote; you don’t see if you used the same word twice in the same sentence, or neighboring sentences; you don’t see if you misspelled a word – that is actually another word so your spell checker didn’t catch it either.  Sometimes, you may not even catch a chronological error that a fresh pair of eyes, seeing the text for the first time, can easily spot.  All these things can really distract a reader and take away from your writing.  Send me your manuscript.  I’ll read it straight through and suggest alternatives for those little distractions.  I’ll even update it in ‘revision’ mode so you can see what changed.